Why is Cannabis Used to Treat Glaucoma?

The National Cannabis Industry Association is aware that many doctors and scientists are finding out more about the health benefits of using cannabis. Evidence shows that the substance can help improve different health conditions, including glaucoma. Understanding how this happens is important in accepting this type of alternative treatment.


The Glaucoma Crisis


This eye condition damages the optic nerve, which delivers signals between your eyes and brain. Glaucoma reduces vision. It may lead to loss of vision if it does not receive proper treatment. 


The eye ailment does not have a cure. Medical professionals are still looking for possible solutions to it. While doing so, they investigate the possibilities that cannabis can bring. The positive findings are bringing hope to patients suffering from glaucoma.


Cannabis and Glaucoma


The components of cannabis can bind to the endocannabinoid receptors in your eyes. These early trials found that cannabis can lower IOP (intraocular pressure). The most common types of cannabinoids are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD relieves pain and swelling while THC provides psychoactive and therapeutic effects. Between these two cannabis components, scientists consider THC as the one that reduces IOP.


Glaucoma Edibles


Cannabis has many forms. Studies show that the effects of cannabis on glaucoma depend on your method of consumption. Different participants helped in exploring the results after eating, injecting, smoking, and topically applying cannabis. The results were consistent. 


Research revealed that participants who ate cannabis showed lower IOP and eye relief. The lower IOP peaked two hours after eating the cannabis edibles. The relief will then start to disappear in just four hours. While the results were positive and promising, they did not last very long. This means that the patient must continue consuming the edibles on a regular basis. 


Cannabis Can Treat Glaucoma


Research shows that the THC in cannabis may improve blood flow to your eye, which can protect the optic nerve. Better circulation can prevent damage to this nerve. Some studies show that CBD in cannabis can also protect the optic nerve. In addition, CBD may also improve blood flow to the eye’s structures. These findings show that cannabis can improve, manage, or even cure glaucoma. The possible benefits of using cannabis for treating glaucoma are the following:


  • a natural treatment
  • has fewer adverse effects than traditional treatments
  • reduces the need for eye surgery
  • improves eye pain management


What the Future Holds for Using Cannabis in Treating Glaucoma


As more people take cannabis for glaucoma, the future for this treatment method is becoming brighter. As of now, the short-term benefits may be short-lived. Even so, cannabis can still help lower your IOP. That is why some people consume it for their glaucoma. Continuous use of cannabis may help relieve the symptoms and help them get through each day. This may even help with traditional glaucoma treatments. 


Using cannabis to improve glaucoma symptoms needs proper guidance when it comes to the right amounts. At WellGreen Cannabis, we always make sure to provide our patients with the proper amounts of our high-quality cannabis products.


For more information on cannabis for glaucoma treatment, visit WellGreen Cannabis at our Palm Coast, Florida office. Call (386) 585-4866 to schedule an appointment today.

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