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What Strain of Medical Marijuana Is Best for Anxiety?

The use of medical marijuana has been a topic of robust discussion in the medical community for years. For a long time, cannabis was viewed with skepticism, primarily due to its psychoactive effects.

Cannabis and Cancer: Exploring the Role of Medical Marijuana in Treatment

Cancer is a complex and life-altering disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Traditional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery can have severe side effects, leading many patients to seek alternative or complementary therapies.

The Healing Power of Cannabis: A Promising Solution for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that affects the central nervous system. It is a serious and chronic degenerative nerve condition where the immune system erodes the protective nerve cover, causing nerve damage.

How Cannabis May Improve the Lives of Parkinson’s Disease Patients

The use of medical marijuana has gained widespread support since it became legal in most states. Researchers are examining its effects on several ailments and diseases. These include Parkinson's disease.

7 Medical Conditions Cannabis Can Help Relieve

The American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association believes that cannabis can help many patients achieve better health. Many patients going through traditional treatments do not seem to improve the way they need to. That is why they seek alternative means to find relief for their condition. Patients may experience relief from these seven medical conditions if they include cannabis as part of their regimen.

How Cannabis Is Helping People with PTSD Find Relief

The American PTSD Association finds it a priority to provide support for people suffering from PTSD symptoms. Some patients do not have good experiences with traditional PTSD medications and therapies. That is why many of them seek alternative solutions. Cannabis is a substance known to help PTSD patients. Knowing how it does so can help you and your doctor determine if this is right for you. Here are the details.

Medical Cannabis: A Natural Relief for Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Medical cannabis holds promise as a natural treatment option for MS patients struggling with various symptoms. There is no known cure for this condition. A 2018 study showed medical cannabis was well-tolerated and rarely caused adverse effects among MS patients.

Exploring the Use of Medical Cannabis in Epilepsy Treatment

Medical cannabis may help with the symptoms of epilepsy and seizures. Recently, there has been a sharp rise in research into cannabis compounds such as THC and CBD. It has been partly fueled by more open regulations regarding marijuana in general.

Medical Cannabis: A Complementary Therapy for Cancer Patients

Cannabis is a family of plants from which hemp and marijuana come. It has been in use as a herbal cure since time immemorial. Marijuana comprises many biologically active components that scientists identified.

 Why is Cannabis Used to Treat Glaucoma?

The National Cannabis Industry Association is aware that many doctors and scientists are finding out more about the health benefits of using cannabis. Evidence shows that the substance can help improve different health conditions, including glaucoma. Understanding how this happens is important in accepting this type of alternative treatment.

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