What Strain of Medical Marijuana is Best for Depression?

Depression is a common mental health problem that causes a low mood and loss of interest in engaging socially. It can interfere with your daily activities. It also makes it difficult to work or achieve your goals. 

The persistent sadness can be crippling, causing you to feel tired and spend the whole day in bed. There are many ways of treating depression and one is using medical marijuana. 

Treating Depression Using Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has many strains available on the market, although not all are equal. Different varieties treat different diseases and conditions. Some of these varieties help treat depression by stabilizing moods, motor control, emotions, and behavior.

Marijuana stimulates the body's endocannabinoid system and makes up for the lack of it. Introducing cannabis into the system during depression can help restore the normal function levels of endocannabinoids, easing the symptoms of depression. 

Below is a list of the top varieties for treating depression. The best depends on what works best for your endocannabinoid system, biochemistry, and situation.


It is one of the best strains for alleviating the debilitating and painful symptoms of depression. It has a high concentration of CBD that delivers bliss without anxiety. The ratio of THC to CBD is 1:1. It has a good balance between the sluggish and hazy feeling of THC to the clarity and relief of CBD. It has a euphoric effect that increases your energy levels and boosts your mood. 


It encourages creative stimulation and can rekindle interest in your hobbies. Cinex has a well-balanced high that is also a good fit for people suffering from anxiety. The dominant and citrusy limonene terpenes increase your energy and help raise your dopamine levels.

Jack Herer

The strain gets its name from the renowned crusader for marijuana legalization and American novelist. It has a mood-lifting euphoria that will energize and help you overcome the gloom.

The strain is ideal for morning consumption when you are feeling low. It will elicit positive feelings that will help you relax throughout the day. You will be more attentive and communicative than when you have depression. It is one of the top strains, and it will leave you with energy and motivation for the day.


Lemon Haze

The strain has a low CBD content but high THC content. Taking it results in euphoric, uplifting effects. As the name suggests, it has a prominent lemon smell and flavor due to the presence of limonene. It will energize you and reduce the stressful feeling. It also allows you to go about your duties with ease.

Granddaddy Purple

The strain is popular because it can revive your appetite and relax your whole body. It acts quickly and relaxes you. Hence, it is ideal for late nights when you need a calm headspace before going to sleep.

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