How Medical Marijuana Helps ALS Patients

Medical marijuana refers to derivatives of Cannabis Sativa that medics use to alleviate symptoms of diseases and conditions. The potential medicinal characteristics of marijuana and its strains are still under research. However, there is no denying that it helps those suffering from various medical conditions. They regain control of their lives and can return to some of their daily activities.



Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) causes degeneration in the motor neurons. These nerve cells send communication signals between the nerves and the brain. The decline of neurons is progressive, causing patients to lose the ability to walk, speak, and swallow.


ALS and Marijuana

There are many available treatments for managing ALS symptoms. However, the main one is muscle weakness. You may also experience muscle cramps and twitching due to the brain’s inability to control your muscles.

Marijuana helps ALS patients because it can regulate brain function. Thus, it regulates neurodevelopmental activities. Here is a closer look at how marijuana helps ALS patients.


Regulating Neurodevelopmental Activities

Marijuana can calm the brain and promote new brain cell growth. There is a widespread belief that the opposite is true. Many people believe that marijuana causes the death of brain cells. However, research is now proving the truth. It is positive news for ALS patients whose brains weaken as the motor neurons degenerate. They can slowly regain function and get back to their daily activities. 

The same principle makes marijuana effective in treating depression, stress, and anxiety. It is also the reason researchers are trying to use it to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Improving Appetite

Medical marijuana improves the appetite of ALS patients. It makes it possible for them to swallow their food without difficulty. It relaxes muscles and works on the brain to achieve these results.


Relieving Chronic Pain

Medical marijuana relieves the chronic pain that ALS patients suffer. They feel less discomfort, and the quality of their life improves. They can go about their daily activities and interact freely with people.


Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation causes pain and tissue damage. However, the anti-inflammatory abilities of marijuana will help take away these symptoms. It will also not weaken your immunity and affect your muscles. Steroids and other anti-inflammatory medications have these side effects. Therefore, they can worsen the symptoms of ALS.



Medical marijuana makes it easier for ALS patients to breathe. The twitching and cramping of muscles may affect breathing. However, a dose of marijuana relaxes the lungs and other chest muscles.

It widens the airways and makes it easier for patients to breathe. Easier breathing facilitates more oxygen in the body, which promotes healing.


Sleep Induction

The symptoms of ALS can make it difficult to sleep. However, medical marijuana relaxes your body and your mind, inducing sleep. The brain can relax and heal during this time. It can create new neural pathways that will help strengthen your muscles, promoting healing.

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