How Cannabis Is Helping People with PTSD Find Relief

The American PTSD Association finds it a priority to provide support for people suffering from PTSD symptoms. Some patients do not have good experiences with traditional PTSD medications and therapies. That is why many of them seek alternative solutions. Cannabis is a substance known to help PTSD patients. Knowing how it does so can help you and your doctor determine if this is right for you. Here are the details.

Cannabis Products for PTSD

PTSD is a lasting mental health problem. People who have this mental disorder can have some trouble getting quality sleep. They tend to experience anxiety and depression. Reliving any trauma is also a regular occurrence. Your doctor can help you choose the right cannabis products that can help improve your symptoms. Here are a few of them:

·      For soaking muscles, you can use CBD-infused bath salts.

·      For better sleep, you can use CBD sleep gummies with melatonin and CBD oil on the skin.

·      For pain relief, you can use CBD body cream.

·      For symptom reduction, you can choose CBD capsules or CBD with THC.


How It Works

Low doses of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol can reduce anxiety. It is much like anti-anxiety medications. CBD also decreases anxiety. Using CBD alone will not cause intoxication. Doctors recommend that PTSD patients take the correct amount of THC, CBD, or both. This can help their existing treatment plan. A patient can take cannabis at bedtime or during the day.  

Patients must keep a detailed record of the dosages and their effects, especially if it is their first time using cannabis. It is necessary to note that taking this alternative medication is only part of the treatment plan. Your custom-fit mental healthcare should always be the priority. You must tell your doctor about worsening symptoms. Seeking emergency care is also an option.



Treating anxiety and PTSD often use vape concentrates. This form of treatment is common because it is easy to dose and contains both THC and CBD. You should ask your provider if this is suitable for you. Shatter or wax concentrates are not ideal for treating PTSD. These concentrates have high THC doses. They may cause paranoia, anxiety, and distress. It is also difficult to adjust the doses for cannabis edibles. That is why these are not ideal for PTSD patients.

Tolerance develops over time from using cannabis for too long. It will eventually have reduced effects on your CB1 receptors. Tolerance can aggravate the symptoms if you stop using cannabis. It is ideal to have a tolerance break. That way, your CBI receptors can reregulate.

Studies show that the use of cannabis has a promising future for PTSD patients. Medical cannabis can treat trauma-related anxiety. It can also be a helpful tool during therapy sessions. With lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD, the chances of having euphoric episodes lower. This alternative solution can then help patients reduce their PTSD symptoms.

Medical cannabis can help PTSD patients regain a normal and healthy life. At WellGreen Cannabis, we work with our patients to help them achieve a better quality of life through medical cannabis. Please visit our facility in Palm Coast, Florida, for an in-person consultation. You can also call us at 386-585-4866 to schedule an appointment or ask about the different cannabis products that we have on hand.

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